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                                                     ''New buisness cards comming soon''.                                                            Real deal shoulder mount the works,any pose any turn all the detail $450.00 / Half body mounts $600.00 / Full body mounts $1200.00 / Open mouth $125.00 extra

 Buck Fever Says If you don't get your mount Back in a years time you don't Pay another Dime ! Applies to 2014 - 2015     Season  Thank you Buck Fever !


       Full body Bobcat $$425.00  /  Shoulder mounts $185.00  /  Half body mounts $275.00   Open mouth runs $100.00 extra

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Coyote same as Bobcat prices

                                                                                                          Turkey Full strut $650.00  /  Flying or standing  $500.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                               Bass $12.50 per in

                                                                                   Salt water fish $14.50 per in

                                                                                                     Horn mount $130.00 / European mounts $175.00

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